Resonancia Ingeniería y Consultoría is a Dominican company that offers protection studies in electric power systems and focused on providing technical and practical projects solutions based on best engineering practices and applicable international (IEEE) standards.
We have a specialized staff with more than 14 years of experience in electrical power and protection studies applications to power generation plants, transmission, distribution and industrial systems both nationally and internationally.
We specialize in the development of electrical systems models, to be used in studies of power flow, short circuit, protection coordination and analysis of electromagnetic transients. Resonancia has experience using simulation software such as ASPEN, CAPE, PowerWorld, ATPdraw, Siemens PTI PSS/e, ETAP, SKM, EasyPower and DigSilent Power Factory for studies and modeling of power generation plants, industrial, transmission and distribution systems.
These software’s are used initially to develop the electrical models of the systems and later used to perform electrical analysis based on simulations of short-circuit fault cases contemplating changes on the topologies of the system, evaluating different operation configurations and considering multiple contingencies in order to derive the optimal recommended settings adjustments of the protections. These scenarios try to identify any possible violations to the electrical system, and looks to maintain coordination with the thermal and/or mechanical limitations of the existing equipment’s.